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LearnUpon LMS


LearnUpon is a platform that helps businesses all around the world deliver quick and easy training to their users.

In today’s hybrid world, the way you support your people is more important than ever, but consistently providing exceptional learning experiences can be a challenge. This is why they created LearnUpon LMS, a powerful, yet easy-to-use, learning management system. With LMS you can deliver corporate training at scale.


  • Video content creation
  • Storyboarding
  • Graphics & illustrations
  • Motion animation
  • Paid social videos
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Sometimes less is more, and an ‘easy-to-use’ service should be told in an easy way. Therefore a quick and straightforward explainer video will meet LearnUpon’s audience where they are at.

This video will be promoted on their homepage, as well as in their social media accounts. It will also support their team whenever they are spreading LearnUpon’s word at fairs and corporate events.




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