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FIT by Protein World


Protein World is a fitness startup that sells products all across the internet, as well as in physical shops.

PW’s target audience are fit young people who are looking for a new groundbreaking option to add to their diet.

It was crucial to give this guide an unforgettable design to make it stand out against the fierce competition in the market.


  • Fit guide

  • Social media content

  • Promotional campaign

  • Email campaign


‘Vibrant’, ‘active’, ‘current’ and ‘young’ were some of the concepts we played with to try and create this guide. I chose their primary brand colour to stand out throughout the whole guide, as well as two less predominant colours that complemented the bright yellow. 

When creating the guide I was very conscious of the visual rhythm throughout the journal. This is the reason why we have different blocks of content throughout the guide. In order for the reader to not get visually tired and be engaged we had a big variety in imagery, some more people centric, product based or typography based.

When choosing imagery we were very conscious of the selection. We needed to display diversity, such as an equal mix of genders and ethnicities.

We chose to use well-known content creators in order to engage with our audience and grab their attention.



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