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Telmo dice

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Telmo dice is a prestigious annual design festival founding by the school of arts of Malaga almost 10 years ago. What started as a class project ended up becoming a yearly symbol of design and culture in the city.

Each year students present their projects and the winner gets to see their graphics across social media, the school of arts, some universities and many parts of Malaga city.

I was delighted to find out that our design initiative won.


  • Brand identity

  • Landing page

  • Print collateral assets: Posters, flyers, agenda

  • Merchandising

  • Social media content


    The concept behind our winning idea was ‘expansion’. We wanted to achieve two things with our design:  1. To show the growth of the festival and 2. To provide design with the recognition it deserves in places that often get overlooked such as southern Spain.

    To visually express this living entity we chose an incredibly dynamic pattern that grows, a highly condensed font that we can expand how we please (without compromising readability) and two high saturated complementary colours that symbolise the colours of the city; the sun with red-orange and indigo blue for the sea.



    San telmo 7
    San telmo 6
    San telmo 1
    San telmo 4
    San telmo 2
    San telmo 5
    San telmo 3